OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder. Directed by Larry Snipes

Saturday, June 3, 2-5pm Auditions

Sunday, June 4, 6-10pm - Auditions

Monday, June 5, 7-10pm - Callbacks

Auditions will take place Saturday, June 3, from 2-5pm and Sunday, June 4, from 7-10pm. Callbacks, if necessary, will be held Monday, June 5, from 7-10pm. Location:  Schmidt Vocal Arts Center, 412 Rose St., Lexington, Kentucky 40506. The Schmidt Vocal Arts Center is located at the corner of Rose Street and Rose Lane, across the street from the Singletary Center for the Arts.


Prior to all auditions, you must make an appointment by emailing Please include in your email which days and times you are available, as well as an indication as to whether or not you belong to Actors’ Equity Association.  You will be emailed back within a few days with a confirmed appointment.

Please note that actors must audition in person in order to be considered.  Neither transportation nor housing are provided to actors at this time.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring a resume and headshot or recent photograph (though if you don’t have one, we will take a photo of you).

AthensWest Theatre Company operates on an SPT3 contract with Actors’ Equity Association. Roles are available for both Equity and non-Equity performers, and non-Equity performers have the opportunity to earn EMC points through this production. All actors will be paid.


Note: actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition, as casting will be non-traditional.

 Stage Manager – The narrator of Our Town, who occasionally steps in as characters from Grover’s Corners. May be played by a man or woman of any age.

Emily Webb – a young woman, full of optimism, who grows from prim student to loving wife and mother (ages 20-30).

George Gibbs – a young man who matures quickly from irresponsible young boy to a loving husband and father (ages 20-30).

Mr. Gibbs – George’s father, the town doctor (ages 40-60).

Mrs. Gibbs – George’s mother (ages 40-60).

Mr. Webb – Emily’s father, editor of the town newspaper (ages 40-60).

Mrs. Webb – Emily’s mother (ages 40-60).

Rebecca Gibbs – George’s little sister (ages 10-15).

Wally Webb – Emily’s little brother (ages 10-15).

Mrs. Soames – A local gossip, (ages 30-75).

Simon Stimson – The church choir director (ages 30-60).

Joe Crowell – The local paperboy (ages 10-15).

Si Crowell – Joe Crowell’s younger brother (ages 10-15).

Howie Newsome – Grover’s Corners’s milkman (ages 25-65).

Professor Willard – A professor at the State University (male or female, ages 40-75).

Joe Stoddard – The town undertaker (ages 40-75).

Sam Craig – Emily’s cousin (ages 25-50).


Our Town begins rehearsals September 11, 2017, and runs at the Downtown Arts Center February October 6-22, 2017. If you know in advance that you cannot appear in the production, please do not schedule an audition.


2017/2018 SEASON


OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder
Directed by Larry Snipes

Saturday, June 3, 2-5pm - Auditions
Sunday, June 4, 6-10pm - Auditions
Monday, June 5, 7-10pm - Callbacks

Directed by Jerre Dye
Saturday, October 14, 2-5pm - Auditions
Sunday, October 15, 7-10pm - Auditions
Monday, October 16, 7-10pm - Callbacks

Directed by Patti Heying
Saturday, December 9, 2-5pm - Auditions
Sunday, December 10, 7-10pm - Auditions
Monday, December, 11, 7-10pm - Callbacks

NOTE: In THE CHRISTIANS, the role of Pastor Paul will be played by Roger Leasor.